Interested in becoming a part of the most EXTREME a cappella group at Northwestern? We encourage you to come out and audition for us! We will be holding auditions for new members this coming fall after Wildcat Welcome. EM-specific audition information (dates/times/locations) will be available on this site closer to the event. For the latest on Northwestern a cappella auditions, please check the NACCA Facebook Page.


What is the typical a cappella audition like?

An audition for EM is formatted much the same as any of the other NACCA groups. The audition will start with you performing prepared solo. For this, you should prepare:

  • 1-minute of any song of your choice. This typically comes out to a verse and a chorus but can be any section. Your selection should show off your voice at it’s best. This includes showing off your range, musicality, and (most importantly) your confidence, so be sure to pick something you feel great about! You may pick any song in any genre, regardless of whether it’s a song type we typically sing or not. A piano will be available in the room if you would like a starting pitch played.
  • If you are able to beatbox, be sure to notify us so we can hear your stuff!

The audition may also include some of the following (depending on time constraints):

  • Singing scales to get a sense of your range.
  • Tonal Memory – a short combination of notes will be played for you on the piano twice and you will be asked to sing them back.

After auditions, EM will compile a callback list which will be released with those of the other NU groups via NACCA.

Is it hard to get in?

Due to the fact that Extreme Measures is typically comprised of about 16 people, getting in can be a competitive experience. Out of all the auditions we hear, we typically take 2-6 new measures in an audition cycle, depending on the voice parts we’re looking to fill. That said, there’s no need to be the next American Idol to be a Measure! Every interested person should audition because you never know what we’re looking for.

It’s important to note that, should you not make it into a group your first time around, we highly encourage you to try again, either the following year or in the winter, when some groups (EM included) often hold a second round of auditions. Oftentimes groups are forced to cut people they would love to take based on the voice parts they already have in their group. These makeups change almost every quarter, so the audition needs of the groups will change.

What makes us different from the other groups?

Northwestern is home to a thriving acca-community, with 14 groups currently performing on campus. Extreme Measures is among the co-ed groups, which include Purple Haze, Undertones, Brown Sugar, X Factors, Treblemakers, THUNK, ShireiNU, Harmony in Spirit, and Soul4Real. The 10 co-ed groups range in music styles, competitiveness, and commitment. EM prides itself on maintaining a fun, social atmosphere while still pushing ourselves to grow musically. EM sings music across genres and maintains a medium level of competitiveness, occasionally competing (and  sometimes winning!) in the national ICCA competition. In recent years, the group has gone on tour in the NYC area and is in the process, this year, of recording and producing EM’s third studio album!

Can I audition for more than one group?

Absolutely! Almost everyone auditions for more than one group! If asked back to more than one callback, you’re encouraged to go to all of them. Ultimately, however, you will only be able to join one group.

What are rehearsals like?

We rehearse every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30PM. We keep late hours in an effort not to conflict with other groups and opportunities you may be involved in!