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Extreme Measures has been incredibly fortunate to be able to produce two full studio albums over the course of the group’s history. Each album represents a snapshot of the group that both fans and members can enjoy long after the songs have been retired and the students graduated.

This year, Extreme Measures is proud to announce the recording of its third album, due to be released sometime in the fall of 2017. This third album will showcase not only some amazing talent, but also how the group has grown since the release of Heating Up in 2014.

Recording and releasing the CD is a huge commitment of time, creative energy, and fiscal resources. Producing just one song costs the group more than $1000. To maximize the number of songs included on the album, the group fundraises money through scheduled gigs, fundraising events, and donations.

This is where you come in!

The group has made great strides this year, thanks in large part to the donations of friends, family, and fans. Every gift, whether large or small, is vital and greatly appreciated. As EM continues to move forward and grow as a group, we are incredibly thankful to all of the loyal donors. EM’s Business Team ensures that funds are managed effectively and responsibly.

These donations are only one of many ways we are raising money, and any size gift will be “extremely” valuable. Click the Donate button above to give your gift through EM’s PayPal account!

Feel free to contact Extreme Measures President, Sara Saltzer, at with questions about the CD or donating.

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