Fall Quarter Updates!

Extreme Measures saw a fun and eventful end to 2014. We were involved in a number of gigs throughout fall quarter, our favorite of which was a featured performance in the fall show of Voices in Your Head A Capella in University of Chicago, alongside Freshman Fifteen.

Extreme Measures had its own successful fall show as well on the 5th and 6th of December in Norris, themed “Extreme Measures Presents: Save the Date.” Thanks to everyone, including our alumni, who came and supported us! Look out for updates on what’s coming up this quarter: our joint show with X-Factors on February the 13th, and our winter show on March the 13th!



Welcome Week 2014

Extreme Measures is so excited to be back at NU! During the week, we will be performing at many dorms and events around campus; make sure to check us out at A Cappella Fest on Thursday, September 18th.

The most important part of the next few weeks will be auditions! Prepare about a minute of any song you love—a cappella of course! Don’t worry about style, we just want to hear what you do best. Expect to have to sing a couple of scales as well as a quick and painless tonal memory exercise. Audition times and locations are as follows:

Monday, September 29th, 5-10 PM, Technological Institute #LG72
Tuesday, September 30th, 5-10 PM, Fisk #B4
Wednesday, October 1st, 6-8 PM, University Hall #118

To stay posted on auditions and more, check out the NACCA Event (https://www.facebook.com/events/649070125201125/649524438489027/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity).

Go Cats!

Extreme Measures Presents: EM Quits The Group

EM Quits the Group

Have you ever wondered what the members of Extreme Measures might do if they didn’t spend all their time singing without instruments? Well luckily all your questions are about to be answered in EM’s upcoming show, Extreme Measures Quits The Group!

This Thursday and Friday in Jones auditorium, the members of EM will try out a number of other campus activities ranging from athletics to dance groups. While featuring these other campus organizations, the show will also include songs by Delta Rae, Imagine Dragons, and many more.

Shows are at 8 and 11 pm and we hope to you see you all come out to watch us sing songs whilst trying to do anything but be in an a cappella group!

Winter Quarter Update!

It’s been a busy few months for the measures. Early this quarter we bid adieu to senior Peter Stein, but also welcomed to the group our newest member, Rebecca Elowe! Apart from farewells and welcomes, the members of EM have been incredibly busy with various shows across campus, including, but not limited to, directing, producing, and acting in the 72nd annual Dolphin show, Cabaret, and Danceworks.

As a group, this quarter we participated in a number of gigs across campus. Our personal favorite was a Big/Little week performance for a sorority at Forever Yogurt which resulted in the whole group getting free fro yo! Thanks a lot, Forever Yogurt, it was delicious.

Near the end of the quarter, we elected a new executive board, the updates of which can be seen on our members page. Congrats exec, you’re gonna kill it this year. We also are in the process of prepping for our spring show, which will be April 17th and 18th. More details about the show are coming soon and will be found both here and on our Facebook page.

Finally, we concluded the quarter with a reprise of our big event at Cheesie’s of Evanston. Much fun was had and many pictures were taken and we would like to thank Cheesie’s for hosting us again. Can’t wait to see you next year.

EM Fundraising At Unicorn Cafe

We are super excited to announce that Sunday, December 1st we will be partnering with Unicorn Cafe in Evanston to raise money for our upcoming album!

Here’s how it works: you visit Unicorn Cafe on December 1st, buy one of their delicious products to help motivate yourself to study for your finals, and drop your receipt into the GroupRaise donation box. BAM, Extreme Measures instantly gets 15% of the money you were paying for your coffee to go towards our album. Painless and enjoyable for everyone involved!

The group is really excited for the fundraiser and we hope to see you all there. For more information, visit http://www.groupraise.com/events/2398.

Keep checking back for more information on us and our upcoming show: Extreme Measures presents National Measure!

Welcome New Members!!

After a long, exciting Wildcat Welcome, Extreme Measures is proud to say we have six wonderful a cappella babies! Welcome Steph, Ben, Caitlin, Allan, Erica, and Geoff; we’re so excited to start this new year with you!

2013 Welcome Week!

You know what’s a little more than one month away? Welcome week! We’re so excited to get back on campus and start singing together again, especially since we’ll be singing to a brand new crop of NU wildcats!

During welcome week  we’ll be performing at a number of locations across campus including various dorm buildings and venues like the Norris Center. We’ll be posting our schedule and locations for that week on the website at a later date, so keep an eye (and an ear) out for us.

The best part about wildcat welcome, however, is that we’ll be holding auditions to find ourselves some brand new Measures!

The audition process is nothing to be scared of. Just pick a song you think you sound awesome on and prepare a verse and a chorus to sing for us. After that, we just test your range and do some tonal memory and you’re out the door, easy peasy.

We’re looking for all voice parts so if you’re interested you should come try out, even if you’ve auditioned before.

We’ll be auditioning from Thursday, September 19th until Sunday, September 22nd at a location to be decided. To stay posted on auditions, check out our Facebook page and audition event (https://www.facebook.com/events/521260814608774/).

Until then, enjoy your summers, and get excited!

Spring Update: What EM’s Been Up To

We’ve been so busy the past few months that we forgot to update our website to tell everyone about it!

We held auditions at the beginning of winter quarter and we were delighted by the number of talented people we had audition for us. Though the choices were tough, we chose to take four new members. We are pleased to welcome to Tessa, Brandon, Cameron, and Erin!

Extreme Measures also competed in the ICCA quarterfinal at the University of Chicago on February 22nd. In spite of fierce competition from a number of incredibly talented groups, we are delighted to say EM won the quarterfinal. We’re also so proud of our measures who won individual awards: Meghan Kerwin for Best Soloist and Peter Stein for Best Arrangement.  Winning the competition in Chicago allowed us to advance to Quarterfinals, which were held on March 30th in St. Louis, Missouri. We were so excited to be able to travel together and honored to be counted among such talented groups.

Along with ICCAs, Extreme Measures also organized our star wars themed spring show: May the Fourth Be With You. Held on May 4th in the Mccormick Tribune Center, the show was a huge success. The one night only event consisted of two performances at which we performed a variety of songs including our quarterfinal-winning ICCAs set. The packed shows were a great way to send off our many graduating seniors: Austin, Seana, Mike, Andy, Kevin, Meghan, and Sophie we will miss you all!

We have also been in the midst of recording more material for our sophomore album: Heating Up. We are so excited about recording, and should be finished some time next year. Check back to this website and our Facebook page for more information. We can’t wait to share the album with you, but while you wait please check out our first album, Extremities, available on iTunes and Spotify.

Finally, we are sad to say goodbye to our seniors, but we are also so excited for auditioning new members this fall. Currently we are preparing fresh material for new student week and A Capella Fest, which is fall of this year. Please check back to this site and to Facebook for more information come fall. Until then, stay Extreme!


Extreme Measures Tries Online Dating

Extreme Measures had a successful fall show on November 30th and December 1st, themed “Extreme Measures Tries Online Dating.” The busy weekend included 5 performances and a special guest opening by the Evanston Township High School Treblemakers at the Friday 8pm performance. Extreme Measures was thrilled to be joined by their fantastic alumni members, Carly, Andrew, Stephanie, Thor, Dan, Allison, and Alexi!

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Callback List!

Thank you everyone who auditioned for Extreme Measures over the past four days–we were blown away. It was a really tough decision, but we are thrilled to announce the 20 people we would like to invite to a callback this Sunday afternoon. Congratulations to:

Alex Getlin!

Alyssa Giannetti!

Andrew Lee!

Anna Basile!

Ben Rotter!

Caroline Hatch!

Caroline Henry!

Drew Tildon!

Fergus Inder!

Grace Kennedy!

Gracie Schwartzenberger!

Jessie Klueter!

Johann George!

Kaileigh Riess!

Kate Lee!

Kelly Engler!

Peter Verheecke!

Sam Garrott!

Sara Kase!

Véronique Filloux!

Details about the callback will be emailed to you and your sheet music will be available to you at the Norris front desk by 10am on Thursday morning. We can’t wait!